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Graphene composite for Batteries

Graphene-encapsulated Energy Storage Materials

엠지이노베이션에서는 그래핀 관련 에너지 저장소재에 대한 특허 권리권을 다수 확보하고 있습니다.

금속 소재 및 그래핀, 카본의 함량 등은 고객의 요청에 따라 함량 조절이 가능합니다.

Application Product Commposite Shape Metal Impurities Type
Li-ion Battery MGLB nSi/C@rGO round < 100 ppm powder
Supercapacitor MGSC-1 MnO2@carbon round < 100 ppm powder
MGSC-2 MnO2@rGO round < 100 ppm powder
Fuel cells MGFC M(Pt,Cu)@rGO round < 100 ppm Powder

Graphene encapsulation process

Graphene encapsulated silicon anode for Li-ion Battery

  • nSi/C@rGO(a) non-coated (b) 0.1 wt%, (c) 0.3 wt%, (d) 0.5 wt% coated GO

  • Raman spectrum


Graphene encapsulated Manganese oxide for Supercapacitors

Graphene encapsulated Platinum nano particle for Fuel cells

  • Pt@rGO particles

  • X-ray diffraction